Purely Digital

Organizations across the globe are facing a challenge to become fully digitally managed: improving customer experience and operational costs excellence.

The gap which exists between the as is situation and to the future state of being purely digital has to do with the lack of mechanisms to guarantee security, trust and legal protection in business processes and transactions in their ecosystems.

We define ecosystem as the organizations relationships keeps with people in the meantime they play a changing role. We are, at the same time, customers, citizens, patients, suppliers, employees, stakeholders.

Our eID API will enable organizations to offer a digital certificate to business stakeholders, guarantying “no repudiation” and legally binding documentation or content.

In this way eID API provides to your organization a quick win benefit, always from an “Easy-to-Use” perspective.

The “Easy-to-use” Digital Signature

Usability and ergonomics are basics in our mind-set.

The Digital Signature can be performed from every single device connected to Internet, anytime, anywhere. No need to install additional software, apps or plugins.

Our technology can be used in 98,56% of the current market.

General Features

Easy to Integrate

The eID API is easy to integrate with your organization processes and information systems. It is transparent for Authentication and Information Rights Management; easy to integrate with any development technology or commercial suite, such as: ERPs, SRPs, CRMs, BPMs, or Content Management.


The eID API was born with Universal vocation. It is easy to adapt to domestic requirements.


Security & Scalability

The basic infrastructure has been designed as a robust, full tolerance and scalable system, thanks to a smart design and bank security standards of AWS-Amazon Web Services.

The use of PKI and 2048bits, digital certificates, and a conscientious product work around design and development to accomplish with best security and quality standards provides a top class security level for the platform and services.

The services of our API are provided through libraries. They can be used as a complementary solution in order to give your organization a specific response for each challenge or demand into your processes

Identification Libraries

Physical Presence Identity Verification

These libraries allow effective digital certificate delivery end-to-end, from physical presence identity verification up to issue and delivery digital certificate

Video ID

We have developed the first application to identity recognition by real time video. Our aplication connects to the camera of any device connected to internet and offers a guidance to the user to achieve the identification process quickly.

3rd Party Physical Presence Identity Verification

This library increases trust to identification electronic evidences by delegate identity physical identity verification by a qualified 3rd Party.

Qualified Digital Certificates.

These libraries perform Digital Identification from any Qualified Digital Certificate known accross the Globe. We are working already with more than 70 qualified etrust providers, enabling your business to acquire tens of millions of new customers in just one clic.


eTrust 3rd parties

These libraries are third parties integrated, such as: Telecommunications, Financial Institutions, and Payments Platforms. The objective: to collect electronic evidences of peoples identity and use them adding guaranties or in business processes require a lower Identification trust requirements.

Authentication Libraries

eID API has different authentication libraries based on Oauth Standard. Their main goal is to facilitate identification services with every authentication system, levelling out the path towards digital signature execution.

Oauth protocol, adapted to our API allows us to guarantee secrecy and privacy from a high trust identification up to content integrity with our “Easy-to-use” e-signature.

Advance Digital Signature Libraries


The Digital Signature is the electronic signature more advanced and secure in legal and technical terms. It allows on-site no repudiation and integrity verification from any stakeholder.

All our libraries are based on Adobe PDF standard.

Our Digital Signature has several applications:

Advanced Digital Signature

The first and unique signature in Europe which can be performed with total guaranty in 2 seconds, from any device, anytime, anywhere. No requiring additional software, plugins, apps.

Hardware Security Module Signature

We use a HSM-Hardware Security Module to perform our advanced digital signature.


One-Time-use Digital Signature

We have created the first digital signature of one-time-use in order to give response to punctual requeriments


Multi-Content Signature

The Multi-Content signature enables you to perform multiple content in just one action.

MultiSigner Content

Provides the capacity for a document to be signed by multiple people.

Multi-Content Digital Signature

The multi-content signature allows you to perform one just digital signature execution for multiple documents.

Added Value Services



Our eID API allows, via our Code Unique Secure of Verification (CUSV) the dual capability to trace and verify content authenticity


Qualified Time Stamp

Our 3rd party agreements provides value to our digital signature by adding a qualified time stamp. An external qualified Time Stamping Authority (TSA) embeds a time stamp certificate our digital signatures allowing an extra in the signature exactness.

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Technical Infrastructure

A Smart design and an adequate use of available infrastructure allow us to enjoy a robust, full tolerance, secure and scalable architecture in order to offer our services.

To extra particular requirements, we can design flexible hybrid solutions (public + private cloud).

We are researching another concept of of advance digital signatures, such as centralized with Hardware Security Module (HSM) as in origin, thanks to secure elements based on cryptographic contactless cards and embedded in mobile phones.

We have designed an On-demand Pricing model, where Organizations pay as they consume.


  • Access to eID API Libraries and Services
  • Access to updates a new libraries
  • Full Tolerance Cloud Architecture
  • SLA Support Service
  • Hybrid Solution Design (private+public):
  • HSM Support
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Pricing notes:

Pricing table propose a Monthly Minimal Charge (MMC).

The minimal unit transaction is determined by CUSV-Code Unique Secure Verification performed by each transaction. If you require further information, please contact us.

The services will be offered later on formal acceptance of Service Agreement

Pricing includes a Civil Responsibility Assurance giving a limited coverage up to 3.000.000 Euros.

For Startups there is a discount of 50% in the MMC-Monthly Minimal Charge.

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