Electronic Signature Services

Signature to cover any risk and any channel

Signatures Supported

There are three types of signatures available aligned with the new regulation on electronic signatures:

Secure Signature Creation Devices

Introducing one of our main innovations, the unique worldwide Secure Signature Creation Device on Software (SSCDS).

SSCDS provides a high level of usability, can be used from any device at any time, complying with the highest standards of security.

Additionally eID Software integrates with third party HSM – Hardware Security Module technology to give your organization the possibility of centralized signature.

Signature possibilities

The different types of signature can be implemented with the following variants:


Single Use Electronic Signature

We have created the first single use electronic signature aimed to cover specific needs.


Multi-content Signature

The Multi-Content Signature allows your users to perform the electronic signature in a single execution for multiple contents and documents.

Multiple Signatories

Provides the possibility for multiple signatories to sign any content or contract.

Adobe PDF Signature

All our signatures are implemented with the Adobe PDF standard.

For easy reading of the signed content, the electronic signature has been implemented on the PDF (Portable Document Format). The PDF format is owned by the company Adobe Inc.

Anyone can verify the authenticity of this document by opening the document signed with Adobe Acrobat.

From the Adobe Acrobat Signature Panel you can access the electronic certificate that links the signature on the document with its author, as well as data on security, integrity, status of the certificate itself and/or versions of the document or its timestamp.

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