May 20, 2021

SmileID, the only fully trustworthy authentication service

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SmileID, the only fully trustworthy authentication service

Introducing SmileID, our digital authentication service based on facial biometrics.

What is an authentication service?

An authentication service aims to ensure that the person can access a platform and make use of services or manage issues online in a secure way.

Our authentication service is based on facial biometrics, the process of verifying a person’s identity through their face, which has become a secure, effective and fast authentication alternative.

SmileID: the new Standard for Biometric Facial Recognition

SmileID checks identity remotely in a few seconds, backed by VideoID processes that fully comply with the security standards of AML5 directive and eIDAS regulation.

If you are interested in facial biometrics and the new EU Regulation, download this guide.

We can explain in three points the competitive advantages of SmileID:

  • It is the only one, worldwide, whose registration gives total confidence of the person’s identity, as it is done at the moment we know the customer when acquiring it, with our VideoID patented technology.
  • It is the only one that can be applied in an omnichannel strategy. Typically, biometrics resides in the device in which it is created, being susceptible to loss and not being used to authenticate in other channels, such as the face-to-face (commercial offices or ATMs) or any other device.
  • The whole process is done in a matter of seconds, in which a life test is registered and a video is recorded while artificial intelligence verifies the person’s biometric pattern.

SmileID: Where is it used?

The use of SmileID as a facial biometrics system takes place in many daily processes. The most prominent use cases are the following:

  • Payments: Make payments and purchases online or in person at any time and from any device with a camera. Show your face, smile, and the operation is carried out immediately.

Check here the case of use on facial biometrics in payment processes.

  • Access banking systems and apps: bank statements, movements, and personal information just by showing your smile.
  • Second-factor authentication (2FA) in operations: When conventional passwords are not enough, SmileID is complemented by passwords to guarantee the highest level of security in sensitive processes.
  • Biometric Chek-in in transportation: Flights, train trips or hotels; forget about tickets, pdfs or cumbersome registrations in apps thanks to SmileID.
  • Access control to buildings or events: Ensuring speed and avoiding queues, with wide reliability using this authentication service for offices or tickets to events from concerts to shareholders meetings. 
  • Queue optimization in offices and stores: Streamline procedures in banks or other offices and optimize times thanks to SmileID.
  • Open your services to third parties: It is possible, for example, to allow clients to have frictionless travel experiences reaching agreements with airlines to do the onboarding, check-in at hotels, etc.

SmileID is the only UX solution that works in any online channel (mobile, computer or tablet) and physical channel (sales office, shop…).

SmileID is presented as a disruptive solution in the market, accompanying all those businesses in their digital transformation that want to optimize their processes, reduce costs and offer a unique, simple and innovative experience to their customers with the highest security standards and ensuring that they comply with current regulations and legality. 

Experience SmileID live by requesting free demo.

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