It is the easiest
to integrate

eID Software is an API

it is designed for developers.

Transparent to the user

Users just interact with your web


It is easy to integrate

You just need hours to get results, not days or weeks.


Multi-Channel Strategies

It provides solutions for digital identification and electronic signature for onsite, telephone and online channels.

to use

It is easy to use

You only need a device connected to the Internet and a browser with less than 15 years old.

No additional hardware or software requested

Get out of hardware or plugins!


It can be used from any device

(Mobile | Tablet | PC | SmarTV),


Purely Digital

Identification through Remote Video

The eID Software that allows identification through video from any device with a browser, compliant with the laws with highest guarantee on electronic signature.

From other Electronic Certificates

We can build the identity from any qualified digital certificate accross the world.



You can make a simple electronic signature

Perfect for telephone and online contracts with a medium-high risk.



You can do an advanced digital signature

It identifies the signer for non-repudiation and meets the highest standards of identification and e-signature for any contract in any industry.


Qualified Advanced Signature

If you need the equivalent of a handwritten signature compliance.


Pay as you GO

No investment, no hidden costs.


Pay cents

We don´t see the electronic signature as a luxury but as a valued technology available to any organization.

We break the market

Our business model allows us to break existing schemes to satisfy our customers.


Formerly signing devices were isolated and vulnerable. Software eID changes decentralized and isolated devices by a more complex and sophisticated system: a more reliable and secure one.

We change the paradigm of identification

Security is not based only in the act of onsite personal verification. We changed this paradigm with a new one where the onsite act is interesting, but not the only one.

The triple authentication

A triple and user-friendly authentication? Yes. You have to see it to believe it !. We improve the security of robust signature-creation devices by adding them extra security.

Improve predictability

The user of the electronic certificate is automatically notified when the certificate is issued, used or revoked.

Reliable signature device

Yes. Our signature device is secure and software based .

Want to see how it works?

Request a Demo online


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