Our CEO, Iván Nabalón, spoke at the Congress on Law and Technology, which took place on September 21 and 22 at the Nebrija University’s Madrid-Princesa Campus.

The colloquium on electronic administration in which eID was present focused on how the next generation of eIDAS services is going to transform the relationship between citizens and electronic administration thanks to the new Spanish laws on administrative procedure, 39/2015 and 40/2015.


These laws effectively implement electronic administration in the relationship between citizens and the public administrations and also between the administrations themselves. The new regulations offer a space to introduce electronic identification services like our disruptive video identification product, which offers the highest guarantees in legal and technical security and protection.

Applying our product to the public administration could go beyond mere administrative processes or informational queries, opening the door to citizen inquiries in an unprecedented context of transparent government.

Electronic Identification supports the High Council of Autonomous Regions’ Lawyers and Attorneys because we feel it is vital that the Administration avails itself with the best available tools so that citizens can take full advantage of the possibilities offered by video identification: that you can take care of any procedure, from anywhere and any device, identifying yourself in under 30 seconds, is a sociopolitical paradigm shift that could completely revamp democracy.

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