Our software was born in a native digital way, designed to deliver an electronic certificate to each one and any of the individuals within your business ecosystem. The electronic certificate and our eID software, besides of “Non-Repudiation” allows to perform an Advanced Electronic Signature Easy-to-Use.

Costs optimization

eID is the perfect ally for your organization when costs optimization is the key, due to its power to help performing any business process from anywhere even on mobility.


Our software allows you to expand the legal compliance beyond the frontiers of your business ecosystem, including customers and suppliers as a natural part of it.

Our Easy-to-Use universal philosophy tear down barriers on international business growth, thanks to the legal standard of security followed in the design, development and implementation of electronic identification and signature, which is the highest international accepted standard, making any specific local requirement easy to adapt.

Customer relationship

eID enables your organization to develop customer centered strategies from scratch, allowing the natural extension of your business processes, fully compliant with legal requirements through any digital channel.

The electronic certificate delivered to your customers can be easily used anytime, anywhere, during his/her entire lifecycle within the business ecosystem.


Contracts management

Make your customer sign the first contract or insurance policy and from that point on, smoothly manage any change on your customer lifecycle.


Cross-selling of new products and services

Take advantage of the already granted signature capabilities in order to generate new business opportunities and broaden any existent business relationship.

Legal compliance

Include your SEPA direct debit agreement or any other legal mandatory agreement.

Customer and stakeholders relationship

Your organization will be at last focused on adding value to your customer instead of sunk on bureaucratic management based on paper.

Issue electronic certificates to your suppliers and business associates and forget the paper work and time consuming activities related to physical presence for day to day signature processes.




Contracts management

Easily manage your contracts of any kind and their updates during the entire lifecycle.


Work orders management

Automate and deliver your work orders everywhere even on mobility.



Get rid of paper and semi-automatic processes related to electronic invoicing.

Employee relationship

Start the employee relationship smartly. Issue an employee certificate and ease the signing activities related to contracts and labor agreements. From this point on, your employees will have a tool to perform their daily activities efficiently on mobility for any internal business process requiring legal compliance.

Your employees could sign a document from anywhere and any device on mobility.

Just integrate eID software in your systems and use our API where better suits your business processes.


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