Feb 2, 2018

Iván Nabalón 1st in Europe of Top 100 influencers by OWI

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Iván Nabalón 1st in Europe of Top 100 influencers by OWI

Thanks to VideoID and its pioneering and unique technology, our CEO, Iván Nabalón, has been recognized as a top influencer in identity in Europe by OWI.

What is OWI?

OWI stands for One World Identity, and it is an independent North American identity research and strategy company focused on cybersecurity, digital commerce, and risk management. It is one of the most powerful and world famous organizations working in identity.

Top Influencers in Identity

OWI compiles a list of the top 100 influencers around the world in identity every year. A mere three Europeans made the cut, one of whom was Iván Nabalón.

This list is made up of those “pioneers who lead the charge in improving identity.” Members of large organizations in the public as well as private sector are also considered in the selection, not just individual entrepreneurs.

Iván Nabalón, Leader in Identity

Our CEO and founder realized early on that the online environment needed trust to make the public’s lives easier. In 2013, we kicked off research and the arduous technological process and just 17 months later we opened our business’ doors. Our launch was a complete success with a practical monopoly in the Spanish banking industry. Our internationalization is already well underway.

Why Doesn’t VideoID Have Any Competition?

The trust services that eID offers are omni-channel, take just a few seconds, and are compliant with European regulation, one of the strictest in the world.

Compared to other solutions based on images or selfies, which are not accepted by European regulation (eIDAS and AML4) for processes that need a high level of security like opening a bank account or taking out life insurance, VideoID takes a quantum leap in user experience while also meeting all the legal and technical requisites.

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