Dec 13, 2021

Contactless ID Document for cash withdrawal at ATMs

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Contactless ID Document for cash withdrawal at ATMs

The use of NFC contactless identity documents is not as widespread as it should be. Digitization and contactless technologies are being progressively integrated into our daily activities despite the fact that many companies are not getting the most out of these devices. 

Some of them are taking advantage of this situation to offer their customers and users simpler and more agile solutions in daily processes. From signing documents to withdrawing cash at ATMs, NFC technology present in our contactless ID documents and passports is about to reinvent a great number of activities.

What is a contactless ID document?

Starting in 2005, the vast majority of countries and states began to issue contactless national identity documents and electronic passports. From then on, thanks to advances in electronic documents, citizens were given a digital tool to make use of their electronic identity and digitally sign documents remotely.

However, the traditional chip that was initially included did not hold NFC technology, in addition to limiting its use to systems with complex electronic ID document readers that were, in fact, less accessible and different in each state. It was from 2012 that the vast majority of countries and states worldwide began to use this technology to issue contactless ID documents with NFC technology.

Since then, NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been used to identify clients and users in an official and legitimate way thanks to its integration into contactless national identity documents and Passports.

Identification and authentication at ATMs

Conventional methods for authentication at ATMs and digital terminals are convenient and work well, although they have become somewhat obsolete. However, the only way that currently arises is through credit card and the introduction of the user’s PIN and bank card

Check in this article how facial recognition can be used to access ATMs safely and reliably.

In some cases, financial institutions are choosing to integrate NFC readers into their ATMs and digital terminals to be able to use this contactless technology built into credit cards. Instead of inserting the card in the ATM slot, they have to approach the area with the NFC symbol so that the credit card is recognized, and then enter the PIN.

Thanks to this step in the modernization of ATMs and the introduction of this type of NFC reader, the NFC contactless ID documents and electronic passports can now be used to access the products, services and procedures available at the ATM network from the bank.

How to use a contactless ID document to withdraw cash

Contactless ID Document for cash withdrawal
Contactless ID Document for cash withdrawal

The Process in ATMs with a contactless identity document, as we have been anticipating in the previous paragraph, is agile and simple, offering two variants, both performing a two-factor authentication.

Variant 1:

  1. The user enters the credit/debit card that he wants to use at the ATM.
  2. The user brings his electronic identification passport to the ATM’s NFC area.
  3. The system validates the identity and allows procedures to be carried out, including cash withdrawal.

Variant 2

  1. The user brings his contactless passport or NFC national identity document to the receiver of the ATM.
  2. Once the identity is recognized, the user enters his PIN to access the system.
  3. The user has successfully “logged in” the ATM system and can select the cash withdrawal option.

Additionally, and for greater security, the bank can configure the sending of an OTP (One-Time-Password) by SMS to the customer’s mobile phone. 

CertID, complete and versatile solution for NFC contactless ID documents

CertID is eID’s complete NFC electronic identification solution. It is easily integrated into any system to be able to make use of NFC technology and official electronic certificates of contactless national identity documents and passports from most countries and states globally.

From qualified electronic signing of documentation and acceptance of content for contracting, through authentication or digital onboarding, CertID adapts to any system through an API to be able to work on any software and device including NFC technology. Optionally, our development team can design an ad hoc solution to include CertID into any system.

Contact eID through this form and request detailed information about CertID and our NFC solutions.

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