Jan 3, 2022

Contactless onboarding (NFC) with an electronic ID document or passport

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Contactless onboarding (NFC) with an electronic ID document or passport

Onboarding process is essential for all companies. Techniques and methodologies for acquiring new clients have changed over the last few years, introducing innovative methods that allow potential customers to register in the most agile, simple, and optimized possible way.

However, on many occasions we see how some onboarding processes do not have, on the one hand, sufficient flexibility, only giving the user a unique way to register and, on the other, with adequate technical and legal security and reliability.

The onboarding concept

Onboarding process refers to the process of incorporating a user into an organization. It is a concept that began to be used in the human resources area to refer to new incorporations of employees to companies. 

In terms of customer acquisition, the onboarding process focuses its objective on converting a user, a potential customer, into a registered client into the company’s database.

Along with this concept, and closely related to the financial, banking, or telecommunications industries, the KYC process (Know your customer) was born, which provides technical and legal validity to the process by verifying users’ identity to register or incorporate them as a client.

Digitization of the KYC process has led to the already well-known eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) process, which not only involves the digital transposition of the process, but also the fulfillment of the necessary requirements to develop the process online and remotely with total security and legal guarantees.

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NFC technology inside identity documents

NFC (Near Field Communications) technology has represented a disruptive change in many daily processes: from contactless payment with credit cards to digitized access to offices or establishments. Transmitting encrypted identity information from one device to another to perform an operation is now easier than ever.

The immediacy and security of NFC technology has led governments of most states to issue electronic national identity documents and passports with contactless technology associated with an official electronic certificate to turn a traditionally analog and inflexible document into a digital one.

Now, thanks to the integration of an NFC chip in identification documents and passports, we hold an official electronic support to verify our identity on devices performing NFC technology by carrying out a contactless onboarding process.

Contactless onboarding process with NFC document

The necessary onboarding process to register a user in an organization requires, in most cases, high-level technical and legal security. The KYC process, fraud prevention obligations and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) controls are a mandatory requirement to register clients in many sectors such as, for example, the banking and insurance areas.

This is where the NFC-powered  ID card comes into play. Although video identification processes already solved this issue by complying with AML5 and eIDAS regulations with guarantees and security, offering users different methods to carry out the onboarding process can mean the difference between acquiring or losing that potential customer.

Thanks to solutions such as CertID, incorporation of new clients is allowed in a single click thanks to NFC identity documents and passports. Contactless onboarding process is agile, simple, and safe:

  1. The user approaches his electronic ID card or passport to any device featuring a NFC reader.
  2. The user enters the PIN.
  3. The data is extracted and validated by the Certification Authority, onboarding the client in an automated way and with the maximum legal and security guarantees.

This process can be done both on-site and remotely. From its incorporation into ATMs, digital terminals, or touch screens in shopping centers, to the users’ own mobile devices anywhere, contactless onboarding is an agile and secure solution that allows the joining of new clients in a disruptive and simple way for the customer.

CertID, easy, instant and secure contactless onboarding 

CertID is the comprehensive eID solution for the use of NFC technology present in identity documents and electronic passports for organization-user relations.

At Electronic IDentification we develop disruptive and tailored solutions to digitize customer relationships, enhance engagement, and boost both online and offline sales for companies in any sector.

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