Dec 7, 2021

Contracting at a commercial office or store with biometrics

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Contracting at a commercial office or store with biometrics

The use of biometrics for customer identification represents an advance in techniques identity verification techniques. It is common to find this method at online and remote user verification processes, however, this is changing.

Many commercial offices and stores are constantly dealing with productivity and timing, employee stress or customer dissatisfaction at the point of sale. That is why processes in commercial establishments are transforming and adapting making use of new technologies.

Contracting in a commercial office or store

Any company or organization with physical locations open to the public considers the total number of activities that can be carried out in these places. Defining the types of tasks will help not only to run a better organization of the setting and its proper functioning but also to redefine and optimize the processes that make it possible for these activities to be carried out.

Physical locations are a perfect place to introduce the process of contracting products and services. The processes of contracting and accepting the content of a document in a commercial location are not only exclusive to bank branches, insurance or telecommunications offices; introducing this process in other industries can reinvent not only the establishment but also the sales of the company.

Thanks to the introduction of this process, services beyond the purchase of products, such as monthly subscription box services can now be offered. Therefore, those clients who refuse to sign documentation online through already available remote electronic signature techniques may feel more comfortable carrying out this action in a physical location with a trusted agent.

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Biometrics technology

Biometrics is a safe and agile technology for identity verification of individuals. Face recognition is one of the most secure biometric identification methods; using body measurements to verify and record the identity of a person.

This technology composes an unalterable and unique mathematical pattern of a person’s face. In many cases, moving measures such as a smile or facial gestures are also collected to add an extra level of safety and reliability.

Biometrics is a technique that has been used for multiple purposes, from logging into applications or unlocking our mobile phone to accessing an office or signing documents.

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The application of biometrics technology to the signing of documentation for contracting in stores, commercial offices or branches provides a series of benefits that boost the sales of products and services at the point of sale as well as eliminates many of the obstacles and complications associated with the traditional way of carrying out this procedure in the offline / on-site level.

How contracting process works with biometrics

The contracting process with the biometrics facial recognition technique is agile and simple. It may or may not be assisted by an agent from the commercial office or store, which can be performed from any device with a camera, from ATMs to digital terminals, tablets or PCs.

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The client will create an electronic signature showing his face to the tablet or desktop camera once his data has been entered and his information has been validated:

  1. The document to be signed is shown to the user, being able to be checked for as long as he wishes and interactively .
  2. The user reads the document and clicks the sign button.
  3. The user is asked to show his face and smile at the camera.
  4. SmileID validates the identity and allows the signature of the document.
  5. The content of the document has been accepted and electronically signed with an electronic certificate of a natural person and a qualified timestamp.

Additionally, showing the to the camera signer’s identity document can be requested for a higher level of legitimacy. Artificial intelligence will verify the document and make a match with the displayed face. 

The process is fully automatic and paperless, avoiding any risk of loss of documentation and papers while dumping the signed document directly into the system, without the need for waiting.

SignatureID, innovating in the financial sector

SignatureID and SmileID are eID’s solutions that make possible an electronic signature through biometrics both in physical locations and remotely through the online channel.

SmileID is eID’s biometrics technology, based on the video-identification VideoID standard. It applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to verify, register and authenticate users through the biometric pattern of their face and the smile.

SignatureID is a comprehensive electronic signature solution that can be configured to merge into its three variants: simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature. It adapts to any channel and is trained understanding the needs of each organization.

Not all biometrics technologies are safe. SmileID and SignatureID comply with the most demanding security and reliability laws for digital identification.

Download here our free whitepaper on AML5 and eIDAS, the regulatory standards for digital user identification.

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