May 13, 2020

COVID-19 Crisis: Remote Verification of People’s Identity

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COVID-19 Crisis: Remote Verification of People’s Identity

Before COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus) emergence, we were in an environment of uncertainty and complexity, and we had to face its challenges. Today, the situation requires the complete transformation of the forms and dynamics of society. A situation that questions the previous forms of work with an analogue basis, demanding remote digital solutions.

At Electronic IDentification (eID) we want to support with our efforts and technology, the society and this complex crisis situation offering interested organizations that provide essential services to citizens our service and products for free.

Problem description

Due to movement restrictions and social distancing, governments, businesses and citizens have stopped part of their activity. This is limiting the number of activities that usually require physical presence, seriously threatening the economy.

Our solution: Remote Video-Identification

Electronic Identification (eID), offers society our One-Click Onboarding service so that anyone interested can identify people remotely, quickly and safely complying with current electronic identification rules and legislation. Any citizen, client or user can be identified in seconds, in a simple process with the only requirement of having a device with a camera connected to the internet:

  • For public administration/governments: For processes of any kind that require verifying the identity of citizens.
  • For companies: Ensures business continuity. They can make reliable relationships that require verification of the parties. Establish reliable customer relationships in seconds.
  • For citizens: In their daily tasks and needs, if they need to know the people with whom they interact and verify their identity.

In this way, the loss of activity in those areas that require face-to-face relationships in presence for its operation is solved.

EID technology has been in production since 2016, on 4 continents, in more than 300 organizations. It has among its clients the main banks, governments, fintech, telecommunications companies and the collaborative economy.

How it works

The video identification process is simple and takes less than 1 minute:

  1. The user receives an email to start the process.
  2. The person allows the use of his camera by the browser, enters his mobile phone and the code received by SMS
  3. The user shows his identity document to the camera on both sides and his face, smiling
  4. If necessary, our team of trained agents validates the video in a back process.
  5. The identity and person’s credentials have been validated, as well as the recorded video and the email and telephone validation are available through a management console.

Application areas – Use Cases

This process is applicable in dozens of cases and for processes of various kinds such as:

Governments / Public Administrations / Public Health

  • Renew or issue electronic certificates of natural/physical persons.
  • Renew identity documents.
  • Identification processes to create credentials in government electronic offices.
  • Medical applications, related procedures health, drugs and electronic prescription.

Companies / Banks

  • Validation processes for credits.
  • Bank account opening.
  • Banking and financial issues and processes of any kind.
  • Online buying and selling.

Telecommunications / Insurance

  • Procurement in the field of telecommunications, insurance.
  • Any other type of contracting of products and services.

Citizenship / General Public

  • User registration on any platform or medium.
  • Identity verification for interpersonal relations or electronic commerce.
  • Any emergency situation at a distance that requires identification.

Adaptation time (Time-to-market)

The process of configuring One-Click Onboarding service takes less than 5 minutes. Does not require technical integration.

eID, committed to the society

Electronic IDentification offers the license of the solution totally free up to 50,000 identifications, which includes the cost of the configuration. These identifications will be distributed among the interested organizations that provide essential services to citizens. If, by regulatory compliance, validation by a qualified human is required, eID has local partners that offer this service throughout Europe and America.

If you are interested in using this solution contact eID through this form specifying COVID-19 in the “Message” field.

Digital Identification and eID

eID, a leading RegTech company committed to quality and excellence, has developed a range of KYC identification products and solutions based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that operate with full guarantees and comply with current AML5 and eIDAS regulations. in terms of online identification.

  • VideoID: The first eKYC solution that verifies identity real-time without the need for an agent with the same level of security and legality as face-to-face identification.
  • SmileID: The only facial biometric authentication service on the market that can register with full customer guarantee in seconds.
  • SignatureID: Simple, advanced and qualified cross-device electronic signature solution.

All the technology is Intellectual Property (IP) of eID, with trademark and/or patent registrations of the systems.

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