Jul 30, 2019

Demo for Android: Digital IDentification and Authentication

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Demo for Android: Digital IDentification and Authentication

In this article, we introduce our new Demo for Android with which you can try all our products: Digital Identification, Electronic Signature and Authentication.

How to use our demo for Android?

On March 15th 2019, the public and free, practical and easy-to-use demo application for Android was launched for all those who want to know our products and services first hand.

Its access is simple and fast, since we only need to go to the Google Play store with our Android device and download it.

Once downloaded, in order to access the application, you will have to request the use credentials that we will provide to use it.

How works our Demo for Digital IDentification, Authentication and Electronic Signature?

The application is divided into three sections that include the products and services we offer: authentication, electronic signature and digital identification.

Among these products, we can highlight the following:

  • VideoID, a service which identifies people in real time, from any device or channel, with the same technical and legal security as a face-to-face identification.
  • SmileID, facial biometric authentication service, the only one on the market that is able to grant full security over the identity of the person. 
  • SignatureID, you will be able to try the most advanced electronic signature on the market, easy to integrate and for any device, with the maximum legal guarantees.

Devices that have NFC (Near Field Communication) can also access and use the application

Once you have achieved any of our processes, the app will show the traceability with your complete personal data extracted, as well as a video as evidence.

Within the application, each product has its own settings, which you can set and manage according to your needs, such as adding a new language, changing personalized messages and enabling the hologram.

The Android app we launched is one more way to be close to you and to be able, for you, to try the products as much as you want.

Think no more and download it!

Additionally, if you are interested in knowing more information about digital identification, don’t miss this guide!