Aug 10, 2020

Easy and secure digital access to apps

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Easy and secure digital access to apps

Every day, millions of users access to different applications from all types of devices. However, the smartphone is the leader of them all. Recent studies conclude that, on average, we spend more than three hours a day using mobile devices. Part of this time, dedicated to solving a problem with the device due to the difficulty of the use of some applications.

Many of these problems or frictions experienced by users occur in digital access to apps.

Digital access to applications

Users spend an unnecessary amount of extra time due to the complexity of certain processes related to the use of mobile devices. A clear example is accessing applications that require mandatory user identification (login and identity verification) every time you try to access them. A common case is accessing the applications of financial institutions and banks.

A large number of users waste a lot of time trying to remember their passwords or re-creating new ones, and some of them even end up giving up and leaving in their attempts to access the application. Complex processes end up boring and discouraging many customers.

The Facial Biometrics technique Facial 

Biometrics was conceived as a solution for people identification in different fields and use cases. In this process, a face is scanned by choosing concrete points of it as a reference for creating a data map associated with the identity of the scanned subject. 

The created data map is a unique and non-transferable set of information associated with the person’s identity, allowing his identification and verification of his presence in certain scenarios and situations. It is only needed a device with a camera and internet connection so that the information in the database can be compared with the one obtained by the device.

Not all facial biometrics technologies are able to ensure the same level of technical and legal security as face-to-face identification, as well as complete reliability and quality assurance of the software. In the same way, not all technologies are capable of being integrated into all systems that require facial biometrics for the identification process.

In this way, SmileID is a solution that meets all these requirements as its development holds the most advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. Moreover, its development has been closely linked to AML5 and eIDAS regulations.

Learn about AML5 and eIDAS regulations by downloading this simple guide.

How does digital access to applications work?

The process of accessing applications with facial biometrics is really simple:

  • The user clicks on the application, launching it on his device; either a mobile app or desktop web.
  • The application asks the user to show his face to the camera and smile.
  • The user is authenticated automatically in the application and can access all its services and options.

In some cases, a pin can be requested additionally as a double authentication factor if the owner company of the application decides it. However, it is not usual and necessary if the biometrics solution meets all legal and technical security requirements.

This digital access to applications process with facial biometrics can be applied to any type of app: from flight apps, concert tickets or events to tourist check-in or cloud services.

SmileID, redefining user experience

Electronic IDentification (eID) offers identity verification, onboarding, and facial biometric authentication solutions through its VideoID and SmileID technologies.

SmileID means a step further in facial recognition systems, signifying not only a solution that complies with the most restrictive legal and safety standards but also granting a versatile omnichannel system that adapts easily to any app development both in mobile and web on all available operating systems.

eID constantly works to improve and modernize its solutions adapting them to the different laws in force and to the future ones.

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