Jan 3, 2018

eID launches SDK for Android and iOS for its VideoID solution

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eID launches SDK for Android and iOS for its VideoID solution

Our eID laboratory has just released a commercial version of a development kit (SDK) for both Android and iOS operative systems for our VideoID solution.

With this new service, we improve the customer experience for the ones who identify themselves remotely from Android and iOS devices. Android’s market share ranges from 80% in Spain to 56% in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States.

Although our video identification technology already works natively in an Android browser, the SDK allows integration with native applications and a user experience in tune with the application itself.

Chech here our whitepapers and other articles.

With IOS SDK we complete the experience so that any client, with any device, can identify themselves remotely.

Apple mobile devices only allow native applications to access their cameras and the share of iOS devices is important in Spain, exceeding 15% of all smartphones and tablets.

On the other hand, we open the possibility to new features that allow identification processes to be automated when high security is required, such as those required by the new eIDAS electronic signature, AML rules law or the prevention of money laundering.

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