Sep 11, 2018

EIT, the European Commission accelerator pushes eID

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EIT, the European Commission accelerator pushes eID

Electronic IDentification joins EIT to boost their businesses in the European market. Their excellent and exclusive program of promotion, for which they only chose the top 10 European scale ups, wants to help our company in achieving our goals.

Videoidentification, which is a 100% compliant with KYC, AML, and eIDAS, has managed to put ourselves as the leaders of Spain in our sector, and now we seek the expansion into other European countries.

What is EIT?

In 2007 the European Commission created the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), as an instrument to promote competition and leadership in  European innovation, and thus be able to compete against their main competitors: United States of America, Canada, and Japan.

EIT is made up of Communities for Knowledge and Innovation, usually being known for their letters KIC, Knowledge Innovation Communities, public-private partnerships integrated by investigation centers, companies, and superior European education centers who work together to develop innovative projects.

The KIC are used by the European Institute for Innovation and technology (EIT) to use knowledge and ideas to create new products, and services with economic impacts and social.

Why are we being integrated into EIT’s promotion program?

EIT choses every year 10 scale ups from all over Europe for their programs. eID is joining with the objective of expanding their innovation business into the rest of the European market.

We recommend entering in this program if there is a desire of expanding a business more over the national borders, and having the support of the different member states of the EU.

What is EIT saying about our incorporation to the program?

Jesus Contreras, director of the EIT digital center in Madrid said about our company:

“We are very happy with counting Electronic ID among us; they are a company that has both a totally unique and disruptive technology which can make them one of the next European technological unicorns. Besides, they are going to reinforce, even more, the strong infrastructure system.

In conclusion, our participation in the promoter of the European Commission is helping eID, and its services, to be known farther than our borders, allowing us to show the many benefits that video identification can offer to the financial sectors of all over Europe.

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