Apr 5, 2021

Electronic certificate contracting with NFC

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Electronic certificate contracting with NFC

The objective of electronic certificate is user’s identity verification with full guarantees and security. Once a system or organization has carried out this process, a series of concrete actions can be carried out: from registering on platforms or accessing their contracted services to hiring new ones or signing documents.

Electronic certificate technology has evolved over time, becoming a more versatile and flexible solution for identification. At the same time, the NFC has brought about a revolution in many aspects of our activities, also involving electronic certificates.

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How NFC technology works

Although NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is not something recent, the extension of its applications in traditional processes kind of innovation. NFC is a very short-range wireless communication technology with instant communication capabilities. 

One of its main characteristics is its high data-transfer speed and its ability to establish high-security protocols such as SSL. Just by approaching the NFC sending device containing the chip to a receiving one, a series of closed data is instantaneously obtained.

This technology has been applied for multiple uses, from credit cards to transportation or, closely related to electronic certificates, in identity documents.

Why an electronic certificate is a safe and smooth solution

Many states and governments have developed NFC chips for national identity documents of their citizens. Therefore, identification tasks that require to display identity documents can be automated.

The identity document is no longer just a physical and analogue medium; it has become a digital document with which identify and validate our identity in an agile, fast, automated and secure way. Now, we can have an NFC electronic certificate in our hands.

The national identity document is unique, unalterable, non-transferable, encrypted and irreplaceable, just like the NFC chip and the encrypted digital identity data it contains. In addition, the PIN, granted exclusively to the citizen at the time the document is issued, complements and extends the security of the process thanks to this second authentication factor.

Thus, we can bring our identity document closer to a device compatible with NFC technology to carry out specific actions that require identity verification thanks to electronic certificate.

How does the electronic certificate signature process work with NFC?

For processes in which an electronic signature is required, we can make use of the application of this technology thanks to new electronic certificate systems.

The client performs an electronic signature online using any NFC-compatible device, with a single tap. The process works as follows:

  1. The document to be signed is shown to the user.
  2. The user checks the document and clicks the sign button, accepting its content and validity.
  3. The user brings closer his electronic identification, identity document, electronic passport or NFC medium with an electronic certificate to the device.
  4. The document is electronically signed with an electronic certificate of a natural person and a qualified time stamp.

Learn in-depth in this article about the validity and characteristics of Qualified Electronic Signature.

CertID, electronic certificate NFC solution

CertID is eID’s solution for digital identification through NFC electronic certificate. Likewise, CertID also works with electronic certificates installed on the device (Desktop, mobile…), not necessarily with NFC devices.

This method of identity verification provides the same technical security and legal validity as high-level face-to-face identification.

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