Aug 4, 2020

eID, TopFintech Solution Provider 2020

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eID, TopFintech Solution Provider 2020

To be a fintech provider does not only mean accompanying native business models in this area. This area goes further, providing innovative solutions and scaling them globally to companies and businesses in all sectors and industries.

At Electronic IDentification we are committed to the development of technologies based on the specific needs of the current environment. eID continues to accumulate recognitions for its technological value proposition and being a reference supplier to the digital finance industry.

The fintech sector

Although it was born thanks to financial companies that dared to break standards in the banking and investment industry, this concept has transcended to expand itself in pursuit of the improvement of processes and technologies of related or even very disparate sectors.

One of the keys to fintech is its creative capacity for disruption in the creation of new financial products and services, now possible thanks to new technological capabilities. This vision and attitude have been extrapolated to the development of technologies for the growth and digital transformation of various businesses.

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Fintech providers, the key to innovation

Although large companies and financial institutions are immersed in digitization, they are accompanied by startups and innovative SMEs to transform themselves digitally. These companies are native consultancies, experts in technology applied to the financial, banking and related sectors.

Consulting and software developers perform a disruptive propose creating groundbreaking technologies fearlessly. Once the efficacy and value of these solutions have been proved, large companies turn to these companies to make use of their technologies or, sometimes, even absorb them, becoming their innovation and technology departments.

These startups and SMEs are not afraid to innovate, as this is the core of their business. They commit all their resources and efforts to the development of new products and technologies without having to maintain a large consolidated structure and support operations and clients with systems already in place.

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eID’s commitment

eID was born with the aim of making other companies and businesses grow through new technological solutions, in compliance with the specific regulations of each sector and the commitment to a unique and quality user experience.

Thanks to Electronic IDentification solutions, companies of all sectors, but especially in the financial and banking industries, can scale globally and develop their business in different countries through rigorous enforcement of laws and digital identity.

Contact eID through this form and tell us about your company’s needs.

This attitude makes us be partner and reference provider for the optimization, improvement and digitization of the key processes of any company that wishes to acquire clients in an easy, agile, secure and borderless way

CIO Applications Europe recognizes Electronic IDentification as TopFintech Solution Provider 2020

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