Oct 11, 2021

European Digital Identity Wallet

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The European Digital Identity Wallet is an European Comission Project that has been leadered by its preseident, Ursula Von der Leyen, which is looking to introduce an unified digital identification system in Europe. European citiziens Will be able to digitally save their personal data and documents in an app that will be available to be used by any of the member states from EU.

What is the European Digital Identity Wallet?

The European Identity Wallet will allow to european citiziens to safely save their documents and info in an app, not only their ID or driving licence but also medical records, bank cards and even university degree titles. This will make easier the way that people are being identified and also any other process in any country member of the EU.

How does the European Identity Wallet work?

The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has improved digitalization processes for both, companies and public services in all Europe. Private companies, especially in the financial sector, have been forced to move their services online to not losing clients and business oportunities, as due to the restrictions put in place because of the pandemic, they could not use services on site. This is just one of the examples as how a strong and safe digital identity that follows European regulations, such as eIDAS and AML, can be used.

This European digital wallet will allow citiziens to do process like enroling in an european univertisy, apply for a scholarship, buy medicines and other oficial processes that requieres an identity verification, in all lof the 27 EU member countries.

Download here for free the Electronic IDentification and IE report about digital identity and goverments.

How will european citiziens be affected by the identification wallet?

The goal of the Identification Wallet is to make easier any transaction in the EU for european citiziens without any issues: Opening a bank account with an electronic ID, enrole to a school, Access to different medical systems in the countries members of the EU are only some examples of the tasks that are going to be allowed to do with the European Identity Wallet.

Due to the increasing offer of digital wallets from mobile app developers, the European Comission has also the intention to regulate them so they can adjust to safety and data protection european laws.

Electronic IDentificartion: The ideal partner to develop the european Digital Identity

Electronic IDentification is currently the only provider in Europe with a owned solution following an end-to-end identification video process and qualified electronic signatura through a cualified certificate in a transaction that lasts seconds. 

The necesity of a strong, safe and easy Access digital identity has shown that these solutions are ough to follow the highest security standards on a national and european level.  

Discover the 3 main advantages of Electronic IDentification QES to boost the European Digital Identification Wallet

  • Electronic IDentification´s qualified signature can be made without another provider intervention, as it is an unique end-to-end solution.
  • Make a video identification with a qualified electronic signature in seconds, in any EU country.
  • Electronic IDentification is the pioneer provider in electronic services and is eIDAS, AML5 and KYC compliant, regulation that all the EU countries should follow.

Contact now with Electronic IDentification thghrough this formulary and learn more about our identity verification solutions for free.

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