Sep 20, 2021

Face recognition for contracting at an ATM/Kiosk

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Face recognition for contracting at an ATM/Kiosk

We have already focused on other occasions about contracting methods at ATMs based on OTPs and the advantages of digitizing this process in branches and commercial offices. Now, we propose an advanced, agile solution with full-security guarantees for hiring and contracting with facial recognition.

Digital terminals and ATMs in commercial offices or stores

Digital terminals or touch-screens in a retail outlet or strategic point is an opportunity to bring the services of a company to users in a less intrusive way than with business and salesmen.

The user can approach a digital terminal in a store or shopping centre to contract services and carry out all kinds of issues. This is useful for subscription service companies or similar ones. In a shopping centre, attractive terminals with advertising messages could be placed to, for example, contract the delivery of subscription boxes, video streaming platforms or phone services.

Likewise, in the banking sector, ATMs grant a great opportunity to carry out procedures beyond cash withdrawals. Introducing contracting methods at ATMs would reduce queues and waiting times for users while giving them more freedom to choose whether they want to complete the process with an office manager or comfortably at the ATM. In the same way, the ATM is operational 24 hours a day, so procedures can be carried out even when the branch is closed.

Biometry and facial recognition features

Facial recognition is an advanced technology with the aim of identifying a user making use of an input image, video or audiovisual element of his face.

It is one of the different biometric identification methods based on body measures, in this case, face and head, to verify identity. Some more advanced methods such as SmileID also use live smile and gestures to provide a higher level of security.

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A set of unique biometric data is collected based on unambiguous mathematical calculations of each person associated with their face and facial expression to identify, verify and/or authenticate.

How does contracting with facial recognition work in an ATM or digital terminal?

An electronic signature must be performed for the contracting process. The identity basis of this signature and the verification proof is the advanced biometric facial recognition created pattern. The process goes as follows:

  1. The document to be signed is shown to the user.
  2. After reading the document, the user clicks the sign button.
  3. The user is asked to show his face and smile at the camera.
  4. Having validated the signature and verified the identification through the identity test of the biometric pattern with artificial intelligence, signing of the document is allowed.
  5. The content has been electronically signed with an electronic certificate of a natural person and a qualified timestamp, with the maximum guarantees and complying with the most demanding standards and regulations.

This process is recorded from beginning to end and can be later validated by an agent if deemed necessary. 

SmileID, the leading versatile identity verification solution

SmileID is a versatile solution that adapts seamlessly to any biometric identification need, including those performed at an ATM or digital terminal.

It is powered by SignatureID technology to carry out electronic signatures and complies with the most demanding regulations in this matter such as eIDAS and AML5.

Download here the complete guide on solutions adapted to AML5 and eIDAS.

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