Dec 28, 2020

How to increase sales in pandemic times

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How to increase sales in pandemic times

Companies and businesses wonder how to increase sales in complex economic and social situations. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has caused a radical change in the way companies and users interact. Never before has such a complex situation been breed in the current era.

However, the economic and social reality in which this pandemic is framed is very far from the one present in the influenza pandemic of 1918. Today, we own technological tools to continue communicating, establishing distance relationships and obtaining clients despite a situation of this nature.

Strategies for increasing sales

Customer acquisition is a key pillar of business growth. Strategies and techniques used to increase sales must be properly defined and, above all, must be considered in such a way that they present two fundamental qualities:

  1. Sustainability: On many occasions, certain types of commercial tactics reach a turning point, ceasing to be sustainable. This is why they should be raised in such a way that do not become obsolete in the future, regarding all kinds of extraordinary circumstances that may eventually occur. Applying upgradeable, flexible, universal and durable tools to increase sales will ensure business growth in the medium and long term.
  1. Scalability: Business strategies and techniques focused on increasing sales must be scalable. That is, they must be able to be modified, expanded and globalized without assuming a substantial increase in the original investment destined for this type of actions. 

To these two fundamental qualities of the leading strategies to obtain clients, in a pandemic situation, a third is added: remoteness. The transposition to the online sphere of customer acquisition techniques is absolutely necessary for a social distancing environment.

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Video identification to increase sales in a social distancing environment

Thanks to the development of new online customer onboarding techniques, businesses can continue to grow despite circumstances in which the presence in a physical location is not possible or recommended.

Inhabiting and dominating the online field not only allows commercial actions to continue working but can also represent many opportunities in order to access new segments for our business.

Video identification is a perfect solution that includes the three fundamental characteristics that we were reeled for a robust strategy for customers: sustainability, scalability and remoteness.

The key point of acquisition in many sectors is the moment of customer identification and registration (KYC process, Know Your Customer). At this point, we are faced with loss of conversion in the later stages of the process.

Video identification represents a complete and comprehensive solution for increasing sales. Thanks to advances in commercial technologies, companies from all sectors can acquire clients in a scalable, sustainable way, without borders and with the highest security guarantees both at a technical and legal level.

Know in depth the digital eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) process to identify and register new customers.

Electronic IDentification’s contribution to this situation

Electronic IDentification is offering the license of its most versatile customer identification and registration solution completely free up to 50,000 identifications, including free setup costs. 

These services will be distributed on free charge between companies that provide essential services to citizens and contact eID. Anywhere in the world and for both local and multinational businesses.

If you are interested in this initiative, contact eID indicating that you want to join and specifying COVID-19 in the “Message” field.

Contact eID and learn about this initiative in-depth in this article.

eID, accompanying businesses in their growth

Electronic IDentification, eID, accompanies businesses in the digital transformation of their commercial actions and promotes the acquisition of their partners’ customers.

As a reference RegTech partner, it not only provides solutions to increase sales in a scalable, sustainable and efficient way, but it does so by complying with the most demanding regulations in any state and country. All our solutions comply, for example, with AML5 and eIDAS, the two standard regulations regarding online customer relations.

We encourage organizations of all kinds to browse our website or contact our experts so that we can answer to their needs for growth and customer acquisition in any environment and situation, no matter how complex they are.

Schedule an appointment here and access 508 million users thanks to the European standardization of customer onboarding.

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