Sep 14, 2020

How to increase sales with scalability-based strategies

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How to increase sales with scalability-based strategies

How to increase sales is a major challenge for many businesses once they have reached a certain point. Many companies in various sectors are striking a turning point in terms of increasing sales

At this point, the customer acquisition techniques and commercial and marketing strategies they have been using do not provide the desirable results. This does not necessarily mean that they are not suitable but it indicates that something has stopped working. Scalability may be the answer to reinvent procedures and continue to increase sales.

The concept of scalability to increase sales

Scalability defines business strategies focused on growth without an increase in costs corresponding to this sales increase. A scalable business model is, for example, one capable of expanding globally without requiring a infrastructure significant investment.

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This concept can not only be applied to business operations, there are techniques to increase sales based on scalability

A series of commercial scalability actions and certain methods for acquiring customers will lead to a significant increase in sales regardless of the sector and business area.

Customer acquisition process and sales increasing

Processes are key to customer acquisition when we asked ourselves how to increase sales. We can see there are two main aspects that establish scalability in the process handling sales increases:

  1. Internationalization and transposition to a global level without barriers of commercial activities: acquiring customers beyond borders may seem complicated, but for example, at services and products that can be offered remotely or those whose logistics do not represent an extraordinary challenge, it is as simple as establishing a safe and demanding procedure at a regulatory level that complies with the regulations of the rest of the countries.
  1. The possible loss of the potential customer in the last steps of the acquisition process: Conversion funnel is a term that sales and marketing specialists must deal with. Here, the user experience plays a key role. The process of identifying and registering new clients must be agile, simple and attractive.

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How to Increase sales through video identification

VideoID is the safest, standardized and most reliable method for client onboarding. It is the most scalable process as it complies with the most demanding regulations in terms of customer identification globally. With this system, businesses can scale and acquire customers in any country, increasing sales in a safe, reliable, simple and borderless way.

This method uses a universal language to identify customers during the acquisition process. Face, smile and identity document of the client of the country in question are the only elements necessary to verify identity and thus be able to perform registration in a secure way.

Establishing relevant AML controls and the appropriate risk prevention is imperative for businesses in sectors such as finance and banking, necessary to scale commercial activities. This is possible completely remotely and online, on any device with a camera and through any digital platform.

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Tools to increase sales based on scalability

Video streaming customer identification software such as VideoID is helping a large number of companies scale and internationalize.

Additionally, other complementary technologies such as SignatureID or SmileID allow clients to contract all kinds of products and services and access them smoothly. 

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These solutions offer a clean and simple user experience so that the registration process is not dropped and the potential customer is not lost in the later phases of the conversion funnel.

Thanks to advances in digital identity technologies and online customer identification, sales can be increased in a scalable way, borderless, with total technical and regulatory security and guaranties, while avoiding falling users along the way due to tedious, complex and requiring customer identification processes (KYC, Know Your Customer).

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