May 25, 2020

eID awarded as 2020 Most Disruptive Image Recognition Solution Provider

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eID awarded as 2020 Most Disruptive Image Recognition Solution Provider

Electronic IDentification, eID, continues to score professional recognitions due to its passion for innovation and effort in the area of facial and image recognition.

The demand for image recognition solutions, associated with remote identity verification, continues to grow. The future and present of the economy and productive activities go through the digitization of the processes of registering customers and users.

Recognition technologies

Image recognition has become one of the most demanded and needed technologies in recent years. These identification methods are used in all industries and areas to carry out the onboarding process of both clients and users, employees or citizens.

image recognition solutions can be supported by certain systems to carry out authentication and verification identity processes. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning represent a turning point in the reliability and quality of facial recognition systems.

Request a free demo of SmileID, the facial biometrics standard from eID.

eID, in the Top10

Analytics Insight, part of Stravium Intelligence group, has elected the 10 most disruptive face and image recognition solution providers. 

Introduced in its March issue, eID is one of those selected companies worldwide because of its commitment to quality and effectiveness in its VideoID and SmileID solutions. These services are completely transforming the financial sector while penetrating the rest of the activity sectors: from telecommunications to public administrations, strengthening economy and the organization-user relationship in an agile, efficient and totally secure way.

Learn in-depth in this article how remote identity verification works.

Leading and quality suppliers

Innovative and practical solutions that transform society and drive economic growth must also meet high-security criteria and standardization to operate with a full guarantee.

One of the reasons for recognizing Electronic IDentification solutions in the worldwide top 10 is due to the fact that it is a certified reference partner for this type of solutions, moving away from those that do not offer flawless services, with guarantees and legal security.

All eID facial recognition, digital identity and electronic signature solutions comply with the strictest regulations on digital identity security: 5AMLD and eIDAS. In addition, they are fully armoured against attacks, such as deepfakes, thanks to its anti-spoofing systems.

Download this guide about AML5 and eIDAS, and discover how businesses are taking advantage of this setting.

About Analytics Insights

Insight Analytics is one of the most influential platforms dedicated to technological-based ideas and trends of data companies.

It globally monitors the development, recognition, and achievements of AI, big data, and analytics companies and service providers. Its Analytics Insight Magazine exposes opinions and points of view of the main leaders and experts in the industry on their experiences, business, forecasts and analysis of the area and its application to the economy.

See the article at Analytics Insights Magazine about Electronic IDentification.

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