Dec 26, 2018

ISO 25000 certification: eID 1st to obtain it for videoidentification

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ISO 25000 certification: eID 1st to obtain it for videoidentification

What is ISO 25000 certification?

The ISO 25000 constitutes a series of norms based on ISO/IEC 9126 and on ISO/IEC 14598, whose principal objective is to guide the development of software products by means of specification of the requirements and assessment of quality features.

The quality of the product is one of the most important aspects in software development. Talking of product quality, the Standards ISO/IEC 25000 family has recently come onto the scene, which provides a guide for use of the new series of international standards entitled Software Products Quality Requirements and Assessment (SQuaRE – System and Software Quality Requirements and Evaluation).

Why has eID received ISO 25000 certification?

Months ago, eID initiated a project in order to strengthen the quality of its VideoID product and to back up the confidence of its clients. This project has concluded with the awarding of the first functional ISO25000 certification for a video identification product, as well as the chief security characteristics offered by video streaming and the most advanced artificial intelligence algorithm focused on the security of client’s video-identification procedures.

eID’s move on the quality of its products adds this certification to a long list of projects which reinforce VideoID as a patented pioneering technology in the marketplace for its high level of confidence attained in electronic identification.

The eID team is proud of this certification and extends its gratitude to the team at the AQC laboratory ( and AENOR, the certifier (, who took part in the project.VideoID technology.

VideoID Technology

Electronic IDentification has created VideoID, the first and only technology that combines video streaming with the most advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithm to identify people in just seconds from any device and through any channel.

Want to see how it works? Check out our website and discover the technology that will exponentially increase your conversion rate and your customer satisfaction in onboarding processes that call for identification with the maximum legal and technical guarantees like in the financial industry for KYC/AML processes, the collaborative economy, or the travel sector.

If you want to know more about this certification, or about our VideoID technology, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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