Jul 6, 2020

Iván Nabalón, eID’s CEO, in the Top25Fintech CEOs 2020

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Iván Nabalón, eID’s CEO, in the Top25Fintech CEOs 2020

Electronic IDentificacion, eID, has been once again recognized for its commitment to innovation and development of pioneering digital solutions within the financial innovative industry. 

Digitization and innovation is a mandatory requirement for companies in the banking and financial sectors to develop their activities and grow with guarantees in the current environment. 

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Iván Nabalón, Fintech2020 CEO

Electronic IDentification was born in 2013 as a visionary project on the convergence between regulation and digital identity. A mix that can change the world through the legitimization with guarantees and without errors of Internet users. 

“It took us five years to develop a video-streaming onboarding technology and two years for regulators to adopt it.” Iván Nabalón.

The creation of a technology company within the Regtech and Fintech sectors posed a series of major challenges. However, persistence and confidence in digital transformation and innovation consolidated our commitment.

“The main feature that characterizes our company is being a team of people who never give up. Our motto is: It is very difficult to beat a team that never gives up.” Iván Nabalón.

One of the main challenges is to standardize the global use of digital identity in regulations worldwide. The identity verification system through streaming video is the solution to carry out a safe and efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) process, as well as complying with all existing regulations.

eID: Development of pioneering solutions

VideoID is the only technology that reaches a high-security level just taking a few seconds from the user.” Ivan Nabalón

Electronic IDentification works on developing products and solutions that help companies from all sectors to engage their target audiences in an agile, efficient, safe and remotely way. We digitize processes from companies of all industries, especially banking and the financial sector, to offer an exquisite user experience while the company reduces costs and times by increasing its customer acquisition exponentially, fully being compliant with the most demanding regulations.

  • VideoID: the first digital identification solution that verifies identity in real-time without the need for an agent with the same level of security and legality as face-to-face identification.

Request a free demo of VideoID, the first AI-based streaming video identification technology here.

  • SmileID: the only facial biometric authentication service on the market that can register users with full guarantees in seconds.
  • SignatureID: cross-device simple, advanced and qualified electronic signature solution.

These technologies can be applied in dozens of sectors and for hundreds of different processes, from contracting telecommunications services to cash withdrawal at ATMs. Check here some of the use cases of Electronic IDentification’s technologies.

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