May 4, 2020

One-Click Onboarding, Video Identification at one click

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One-Click Onboarding, Video Identification at one click

Video Identification is one of the most currently demanded solutions because of the need and the benefits they bring within remote and online processes. This need is part of the Know Your Customer processes, now digitized as eKYC and backed by AML5 and eIDAS regulations.

Institutions and companies from all sectors of activity and development areas are integrating video identification processes to acquire new clients, register users and authenticate people in their systems.

The insertion of this identification method in apps, websites and channels of companies and institutions is easy through API integration, however, sometimes organizations need a more versatile and instantaneous solution.

eID has developed One Click Onboarding (OCO), the fastest way to acquire online customers that integrates into the company’s fancied channels in seconds.

VideoID: Real-time Video IDentification

VideoID is the first and only technology that uses artificial intelligence for streaming video to identify people in seconds through any channel and device.

Visit this article for in-depth details on VideoID and learn about how it works.

Now, any business can access VideoID in seconds thanks to One Click Onboarding. OCO offers an improved user experience, excluding the need to integrate an API and providing a front-end experience as a gateway for user registration.

Download this free guide on how to take advantage of digital identification to boost your business.

One-Click Onboarding Features

  • No integration required. OCO does not require a long and difficult integration process. In a matter of seconds, it can be working on a company’s channel (web, mobile, app, tablet …). With the inclusion of a button in the channel, identifications start from the console, our own development performs the entire process. Via email, or integrated with Salesforce.
  • Full legal guarantee and security. OCO, based on VideoID, complies with all current regulations and has the same level of security and guarantees as face-to-face identification. One-Click Onboarding complies with the most demanding regulations such as AML5 and eIDAS.

Download this whitepaper for free to learn how AML5 and eIDAS regulations work and how they can boost your business.

  • A clean, efficient and enjoyable Front-end user experience so that the company does not have to worry about the design and integration aspect and users enjoy a unique, agile and visual process.

How does it work?

The process is simple and takes less than 1 minute:

  1. The user who wants to register will receive an email with which they can carry out the process. (It can also be adjusted to use an SMS via OTP)
  2. The person accepts the use of his camera and microphone by the browser or platform.
  3. ID document is shown both sides and the user displays his face, smiling at the camera
  4. If necessary, a team of qualified agents checks the video in a back process.
  5. The identity has been validated and the person’s credentials, as well as the recorded video and the email and telephone validation, are available through a management console, the user is registered and unambiguously identified as a new client of the company or user of the platform.

Use cases

One-Click Onboarding is ideal for Fintech entities, Digital Banks or Financial Institutions hat require to go to market as soon as possible to acquire clients improving their onboarding process

Similarly, OCO, gives any company or organization wishing register users in a completely online and remote way with the maximum security guarantees while meeting the most stringent regulations regarding online identification.

OCO is also useful in all kinds of identification processes, from document signing and contracting services to online purchases or registering on freemium platforms.

This identification technology is agile and instantaneous, rather than planning a complex ad-hoc API integration project, which typically takes weeks or months until it goes into production.

Electronic IDentification offers complete and personalized digital identification services for companies. Contact us so that you can know in detail about all our solutions.

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