May 12, 2021

Why is Video IDentification more secure than face-to-face?

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Why is Video IDentification more secure than face-to-face?

This article aims to leverage our experience to illustrate why Video IDentification is more secure than face-to-face identification.

From face-to-face to Video IDentification

When businesses, whether they are in the banking or insurance sector, require trustworthy confirmation for customer identification, the process traditionally begins and ends face-to-face in an office. Examples like: opening a bank account, contracting a mobile telephone operator or even voting at a shareholders’ meeting or in national elections.

Nowadays, this process is being digitized. In the financial sector, due to the new AML regulations against money laundering and financing terrorism and will be appearing in other industries.

Accompanying any change of paradigm, we can tend to skepticism or feelings of insecurity. We should remember that video identification affords greater control and security than traditional methods as well as agility, easiness and immediacy.

What is Video IDentification?

Video identification is a process of legitimation and verification of identity in which a person confirms with complete guarantee that he is who is meant to be through a video. To do this, you only need a device (computer, tablet, mobile) with a camera and internet connection and a valid identity document.

If you want to know more about compliant video identification solutions you can download this simple guide with all the details.

Video IDentification technology

Our technology, VideoID lets you record video in real-time of the identification process during which customers show the front and back of his ID document and his face as a “proof of life”.

A high definition video is recorded, allowing to see the person and his document live, without coercion, and in great detail. The video is recorded and sealed electronically for its integrity, as well the primary data such as IP address, device and location as main electronic evidence of the identification.

In addition, VideoID works on any device with a camera and internet access, on any channel and in any format, while streaming video identification ensures that the process is compliant with KYC and AML standards.

This high-quality video record, immutable in time, far exceeds the test evidence available in face-to-face verification, which never goes beyond a mere photocopy of ID documents.

The process of recording by video also has a deterrent effect on people who want to commit fraud, as they have to record themselves to prove and impersonate or supply phoney ID’s. Fraud cases using our video technology identification has been zero up till now.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and our identity-verification algorithm allow performing verifications during the process in real-time.

However, in a live bodily presence process the following verifications are not possible:

  • Detection of the version of the identity document and country of issue verify in real-time that the document patterns and the security measures in the image are equivalent to the original authentic source.
  • Verification of the front and back of the document belongs to the same identity card and that its integrity of its construction, this being unattainable with a human presence as this requires a process that would take hours.
  • Generation of an automatic comparison in real-time of the biometric pattern of the person (unique and unequivocal mathematical model) and the image that contains the identity document. 

VideoID is the combination of the video treatment and the application of IA algorithms in multiple images, being the unique model that permits this precision.

There are similar solutions that deal with isolated images of the document and of the person’s face that cannot reach the standards of precision and security given by VideoID. This kind of selfie-based solutions do not match needed security standards of ours and they are below face-to-face identification.

Specialized human team

In a financial entity or a telecommunications operator, there can be thousands of people who daily make face-to-face identification and as a necessary process within another more general one which usually is contracting a product or a service.

Typically, these people are not qualified to undertake the identification. Even with the automatic security methods explained, video identification in banks is indispensable and a qualified human team ends up checking the identification process. This model must change from being decentralized and without qualification to be centralized and specialized.

Our solution, VideoID does not only look for random identity verification to avoid possible fraud but also keeps the entire custody chain from the beginning until the verifying human agent who does the last checks.

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VideoID, our solution

Some data from the leader in video identification, VideoID:

  • VideoID is compliant with High level of eIDAS
  • Identifications made up: >100.000
  • IA algorithm precision: 99,99%
  • OCR Data Extraction precision: 97,98%
  • Biometric Scoring precision: 94,76 %
  • SaaS platform treatment: 99,98%
  • Identity Fraud cases: 0
  • Customer average time for the identification process: 18 seconds
  • Customer record time for the identification process: 9 seconds

Get to know more about compliant Video IDentification solutions and how this changes the financial by downloading this simple guide.

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