Dec 7, 2020

RegTech100 2021: eID, a leading company, for the fourth consecutive year

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RegTech100 2021: eID, a leading company, for the fourth consecutive year

Electronic IDentification has been once again recognized as one of the most disruptive companies worldwide. eID will be part of RegTech100 2021 index thanks to its leading position in innovative authentication and identity verification solutions.

The industry, in a continuous rise

The industry has established itself as one of the decisive areas of development of the financial sector: the double need of companies to comply with current legislation and regulations, constantly updated due to technological and social changes, and the accelerated evolution of technological solutions, has led to, since 2016, an investment of more than 14,000 million euros in this sector.

RegTechAnalyst has developed RegTech100 2021 index, which includes the 100 most decisive and transformative companies worldwide in this area. Among more than 1,000 candidate companies, eID has, for the third consecutive year, become part of the 100 chosen ones by Fintech Global for its evolution, growth and the quality of its products.

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eID, RegTech100 2021 company

In its constant commitment to innovation and the development of solutions that reinvent company processes, eID has managed to establish the highest-quality standards in relation to digital IDentification services. 

Solutions supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken onboarding processes to a new level, in addition to complying with the most advanced safety standards and the most demanding regulations such as eIDAS and AML5.

VideoID tops the list of Electronic IDentification products that help large companies in their digitalization processes; reducing costs and offering customers an unbeatable, fluid and immediate experience in any channel and place.

VideoID is the only Video IDentification solution on the market that makes use of video-streaming with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to identify people in just seconds and from any device and through any channel. It provides the same technical and legal security as face-to-face identification.

In addition to our Video IDentification service, our SmileID (facial biometric authentication) and SignatureID (advanced electronic signature) solutions are reinventing KYC and customer onboarding processes worldwide.

Fintech, the inevitable future of business

At this time, VUCA environment (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) characterizes the activity of all companies and institutions worldwide, distinguished by volatility in processes, uncertainty about the immediate future, the complexity of the environment and ambiguity in the transformation and diversity of societies.

Only companies that lead the change can take advantage of the situation and not succumb in their attempt to grow. In this sense, these companies are placed as an indispensable partner that desires to optimize their processes, reduce costs and offer innovative solutions adapted to the needs of their environment and time.

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