Jul 30, 2019

Unconference 2019 Events: VideoIDentification is present with eID

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Unconference 2019 Events: VideoIDentification is present with eID


Electronic Identification has been present at Unconference 2019 events to talk about the importance of video identification.

The unconferences are private events of great impact with the main CEOs in Spain of the FinTech sectors, with the aim of building ecosystems collaboratively among the players in the sector and fostering collaborations through a specialized networking.

During this month of July, eID has been present in Madrid and Bogotá Unconferences, but we were also in Mexico City three months before, being a great opportunity to get to know transcendental issues first-hand by which our video identification system is affected, such as the investment and regulators of RegTechs, and about the application of artificial intelligence in financial services.

RegTech Unconference 2019 Madrid

On July 4th, we were present at the RegTech Unconference in Madrid organized by Finnovating. The event brought together more than 80 CEOs of Startups that use technologies which are linked to regulation, in order to generate efficiency and improve normative compliance processes.

eID had the best representation with our CEO, José Villalba, where he discussed about Sandbox, a mechanism to develop a regulation that keeps up with the rapid pace of innovation and benefits our users / customers; besides exposing and sharing how RegTechs are living the countdown to September 14th, 2019 when we all have to be ready for the psd2.

Objectives of the event

Support FinTech entrepreneurs with their own projects that contribute to the financial, social and economic development of Spain, promoting entrepreneurship and innovative initiatives as elements of progress, and expressing the important role of FinTech in terms of innovation in the financial sector.


RegTech Unconference 2019 Bogotá

On July 9th, we were also at the RegTech Unconference in Bogotá, held at the Hilton hotel, organized by Rodrigo García de la Cruz, CEO of Finnovating and Paula Cárdenas, Director of International Ecosystems. A FinTech event which brought together more than 80 CEOs of Latin American and European Startups in order to analyze the full growth and expansion of the country’s financial sector.

eID, as an international startup, participated in the event with the delegation of our CEO, José Villalba, where he discussed about the innovation and development of the financial sector, analyzing opportunities and trends in the different areas that are present in our sector, as well as how FinTechs have arrived to stay by implementing the best of the developments for the progress of innovation and technology. Through the hashtag #uFinTechCOL, event participants reported on the course of the day.

Objective of the event

Promote innovation and development of the proposals and ideas of FinTechs, cooperating with the most disruptive personalities of them, in order to achieve the best objectives and benefits in the future, promoting the best entrepreneurial techniques in order to continue improving and expanding ourselves in the international market, in a sector that is increasingly booming.

RegTech Unconference 2019 México D.F

On April 25th, from 10:30 a.m. to 20:10 p.m., the country’s Unconference event took place in Mexico City

Electronic IDentification was represented by our Regional Manager, Cyril Drianne, who had the opportunity to explore the most intrinsic needs of the financial market and show our solutions of video identification to the attendees.

Objective of the event

Like all organized Unconferences, this one had the mission of promoting innovation and the FinTech ecosystem.

Conclusions of Unconference 2019 Events

The three events have been a great opportunity, to get to know important issues first-hand that are currently relevant, meeting the projected expectations, always being recommended events for all of us who are part of the RegTechs.

We have been able to enjoy interesting presentations by professionals in the sector in order to integrate new FinTech opportunities with which we move forward and grow together towards the same end.

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