Feb 14, 2018

VideoID comes out on top in NTT Data 7.0 contest

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VideoID comes out on top in NTT Data 7.0 contest

Let’s change the world together!

With this slogan and incredible enthusiasm, we were received by Kaz Okada, Kazaya Takaoka, and Yuriko Nishiyama from the NTT Data team in Madrid.

There were a total of 10 companies on hand, including Casto and Quobis, who participated in this contest at Everis’ headquarters, where we presented our new and unique product. After an intense morning of lightning-fast presentations and interesting conversations with the rest of the participants, we got the good news.

What did we present in NTT Data 7.0 contest?

Our star product: VideoID. We offer an online identification system with the same level of technical and legal security as face-to-face identification. It happens in real-time and takes just a few seconds. The most amazing part is that we already offer the possibility of this identification with IDs (Spanish national identity card, Spanish foreigner identification number, passport) and even with driver’s licenses from more than 153 countries. A complex RegTech Solution that is absolutely high-security.

How does it work? It’s very simple. You show both sides of your document and your face, and artificial intelligence does the rest.

What other companies participated in NTT Data 7.0 contest with us?

Quobis (communication systems for companies), Green Urban Data (environmental data management), Insulclock (measuring devices for diabetics), Sentimer (voice services), Commons (chatbots), Avansig (autonomous drones), and the technological solutions for agriculture, Visual Green.

The runner up was WeTrac, a product geolocalization company, and third place went to the powerful Carto, data localizer.

We see you in Tokyo March 22!

Semi-finalists, including eID, from around the world will meet in the Grand Finale in Tokyo.

A total of 13 companies will be giving it our all in the island nation. And they’ll be coming in from all around the globe: San Francisco (the United States), Santiago de Chile, San Pablo (Brazil), Lisbon (Portugal), London (the United Kingdom), Milan (Italy), Tel Aviv (Israel), Tokyo (Japan), Toronto (Canada), Singapore, Bombay (India), Melbourne (Australia), and Guiyang (China).