The New Standard for Face Biometrics

Unique in the market

The New Standard for Biometric Facial Recognition


Full Trust on Identity

Face biometrics solution where identity is verified remotely. SmileID is compliant with KYC/AML stringent regulations.

Enjoy an Omnichannel Experience

SmileID unique UX works on any channel from a mobile, desktop, tablet or digital platfotms at branch offices.

Enjoy an omnichannel experience

Any device and any channel




Native Mobile

(iOS, Android)





Security in seconds

within a seamless process

Liveness detection

Liveness detection

Video recording

Video recording



Dynamic captcha

Embedded Dynamic captcha


99,98% accurate

Use Cases

Our API toolkit helps you improve your omnichannel customer experience
in all your operations, no matter the industry

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    Biometrics as Second Factor of Authentication (2FA)

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    Retail Payments

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    Access to Apps

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Identity Verification Solutions

From Electronic IDentification (Signicat company) we offer KYC (Know Your Customer), customer onboarding and digital identity solutions and services that help our customers to provide theirs a unique, simple, frictionless, high-security experience that meets the highest standards required in international regulations. AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and eIDAS (Electronic Identification, Authentication and etrust Services) regulations are remodeling the market by allowing customer acquisition processes to be reduced from weeks to seconds to, for example, open a bank account online with total security and complying with the law.

Our Video IDentification, Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signature, and Facial Biometric Authentication services are transforming the way in which companies and customers interact. Current eKYC solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning allow businesses in any sector, such as banking, insurance, financial and investment services, to be digitally transformed, reduce digital customer onboarding costs and grow by offering a unique user experience.

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