Identification by Drone is a service technology developed from Video ID,  enabling digital identification from any device incorporating a video camera connected to the Internet.

To enable identification, the drone flies over the person to be identified at a distance that allows the onboard camera to clearly focus on the face and the ID document that the person shows to the drone’s camera. The software “Identification by Drone” extracts the data from the identity document via OCR and the facial image, then carries out the digital identification of the person offering the same guarantees as those given with the physical presence of a person. Finally, the eID software can also issue a digital certificate of the physical person to carry out an electronic signing of a contract.

Avoiding the need for the client to have to personally travel to the company’s offices to identify themselves or sign a contract ‘in situ’, means a marked improvement in the client’s experience. Digital Identification by Drone is one more example of how technology is producing an opening in the market for digital identification services, enabling companies to do Business in a purely digital manner.

The service is still in the experimental phase. Our objective with this investment is to lead thinking and research in the industry, where there are many business opportunities related to digitally transforming organizations. We are at present awaiting the regulation of drones in Spain, currently under the mandate of the State Aviation Safety Agency, to advance, before we can see the apparition of these kinds of operative services in our cities.

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