Apr 13, 2018

One Click Onboarding, the new Video IDentification in just one click

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One Click Onboarding, the new Video IDentification in just one click

We’re pleased to be able to present our new product, One Click Onboarding.

Now you can access VideoID changing how you consume it. OCO enhances user experience, eliminating the need to integrate an API and enabling consumption in just a few minutes, giving you’re the front experience as a gateway.

OCO is doing for identification what Paypal does for payments.


Features of One Click Onboarding


  • There’s no integration! OCO doesn’t require a long API integration process and in a matter of seconds it will be up and running, including a button on the website, launching identifications from the dashboard, through an email, or integrated into Sales Force.
  • Same validity as face-to-face. Just like with VideoID, OCO complies with the strictest regulations like eIDAS, AML4, and KYC.
  • You’ll also have the front-end user experience integrated to keep it worry-free.

The process is simple: show both sides of any official ID to the camera and your face and the AI will do the rest. In just a few seconds, the real time video will gather the information it needs to identify you just as if you were face-to-face (or even better).

Case studies


One Click Onboarding is ideal for FinTech companies, digital banks, or pilots in financial institutions who need to get on the market quickly to capture customers. They use our technology as an identification gateway instead of planning an API integration project which typically takes months to roll out.

It was presented for the first time at the eFintechShow in Barcelona last Thursday 12th of April, where it created quite a buzz.

If you’d like to receive more information on how you can integrate it in just a few minutes and start to use it, reach out!

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