One person, one certificate

Our motto “One person, one Certificate” helps organizations to understand and succeed on the digital transformation challenge, particularly where transactions require the highest level of legal protection.




Digital transformation is a challenging pending task for many Enterprises that are still striving to get its benefits, including improving profitability and customer experience.


Electronic Certificates provide the ultimate solution to identify people for the “Non-Repudiation” and perform content integrity through advanced electronic signatures around the ecosystem, regardless of the nature of the organization.

Customer Relationship

As the corner stone of any enterprise, the customer and the strategy to place it on the center of the business environment, demands a special area of attention.


The challenge


Nowadays the most important interactions with customers are still performed on processes based on paper and intensive human interactions. The main barrier for Digital Transformation is the lack of confidence on the tech platforms due to its security schemes for electronic signing and the real usability even more on mobile environments




The answer

The eID Software delivers a unique and novel answer for customer relationship, putting on the tip of their fingers the natural and native extension to perform truly digital business processes.

Our software enables a new way to start and maintain a customer relationship based on his/her experience. The main innovation comes along with the improvement on people identification, even for new customers, that won’t have to use their time to perform an on-site identification process.

Additionally, eID software makes possible the immediate issuance of electronic certificates to be used for customers on any process where electronic signature is needed. This electronic certificate can be used in any stage of the customer lifecycle easily even on mobility.

eID is the perfect ally because gives handy tools for customer first approach and first contract signing, improving business legal compliance, tackling unwanted risks and adding up on customer loyalty and brand awareness.


Paperless Office

The challenge


Paperless office is still a fairy tale, after many years being part of nice strategies focused on improving internal processes and cutting costs.


The answer

Our API delivers the digital native answer for Paperless Office projects.
Our motto “One person, one certificate” disrupts enterprise environments (customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders) establishing a 100% pure digital relationship, covering all activities, tasks and processes requiring legal compliance on identification and content integrity.
The fact that our API libraries are amazingly easy to integrate in any company systems and our Easy-to-Use from any device philosophy transforms our API in the ultimate solution for the challenge “Be Digital”.


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