Certified Electronic Notification Services

The Certified Electronic Notification Services eIDAS of eID Software allow data transfer between electronic parts and provide evidence related to the management of transmitted data, including proof of sending and receiving data. It protects the transmitted data from the risks of loss, theft, damage or unauthorized alteration. Additionally, you can ensure the identification of the sender and recipient before delivery of the data.

The service allows your organization to gain electronic capabilities equivalent to traditional mail certificate and/or burofax, dramatically increasing the efficiency and reducing the cost of operations..


What does the service guarantee?


Sending and Receiving

Certify the sending and receiving of data transmitted.



We are able to demonstrate that the content has not been altered at any time.

Identification of both parts

We ensure with a high level of reliability the identity of the sender and recipient.

Which content does it apply?

Notifications can be made with different types of content.


Electronic Document

Emails, presentations, html content, spreadsheets are likely to be sent, certificated, delivered and guarded.


The sender can send or record a video “on fly” with our streaming video service that works with any device with camera and browser, without the need of additional applications or apps.

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What are the certified electronic notifications?

The certified electronic notifications  services are services that enable the transmit of data between third parties by electronic means providing evidence relating to the management of transmitted data, including proof of sending and receiving data, and protects the transmitted data against the risks of loss, theft, damage or unauthorized alteration.

Additionally they allow the electronic identification for non-repudiation of both the sender and the recipient.

The new European regulation of digital identification and electronic signature eIDAS regulated those services in Articles 43 and 44.


What is the degree of legal compliance?

Certified electronic notifications fully meet the requirements posed by the current regulations on electronic signatures in Spain and Europe: Law 59/2003 of 19 December on electronic signatures and Directive 1999/93 / EC of the European Parliament. Likewise, the signature complies with the requirements of the new European electronic signature regulations, commonly referred as eIDAS: Regulation 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

What is the legal effect?

Article 43 of the new regulation refers to the legal effects of certified electronic delivery services:

  1. Data sent and received via certified electronic delivery service will not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely because they are electronic or not meeting the requirements for qualified certified electronic delivery service.
  2. Data sent and received using a qualified certified electronic delivery service enjoy the presumption of data integrity, the sending of the data by the identified sender, the reception by the identified recipient and the accuracy of the date and time of shipment and receipt of data indicated by the qualified certified electronic delivery service.
How it works?

It is your organization who defines the operation of notification services. Once the service is defined, then your channels and systems connect to our eID Software API  and use identification and notifications libraries to meet the different needs raised.

How is the experience of the recipient?


The system is transparent to the recipient. In a standard electronic notification, the recipient will access his email and read the message. Just with this we are now able to obtain the integrity of the process, the content sent and the acknowledgment.

If the certified notification needs to be qualified, with identification of the sender and the recipient,  the recipient will need to sign first the notice. In this case it will require a digital certificate that your organization can issue once proof of his identity has been obtained, by any means provided either by act of physical personación in your offices or by purely digital means with the Cert ID or VideoID services.

How long does it take tointegrate with my channels and systems?

If you already have the management  and lifecycle notifications processes, according to our experience, integrating your systems with our API will be a matter of days.

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