Disruptive Online Identification

The act of physical presence or complex systems to identify people with guarantee is no longer needed, it can be done from any Internet-connected device

Identification Services allow the verification of the identity of people on the Internet with a high level of security, dramatically reducing the risk of misuse or alteration of the identity, avoiding the physical presence required to do business with a digital base.

With Video ID, in a simple way and in seconds, your company can make a reliable verification of anyone owning a device with a camera and Internet connection. Cert ID starts from a Qualified Electronic Certificate to verify the identity.

Video ID

Video ID is the first valid identification method to verify a person’s identity through remote video

Video ID is a guided video app that facilitates the process from identity verification to get to the electronic signature.

Video ID is compliant with the new regulations on electronic signatures and money laundering to verify the identity of people.

Video ID can bring up significant benefits for your users and your company. It provides significant cost savings in the acquisition of new customers, allowing them to interact remotely avoiding waste of time and, increasing their satisfaction.



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There are two ways to conract Video ID, integrating the API or as a service, in this case youw will just need a button on your website to start using it. Please see STRI

Cert ID

Cert ID is one of our many services included on eID software. It provides easy-to-use methods to verify identity of individuals in an online context with a high level of security, thus avoiding the physical presence required to start doing business within a digital basis.

Cert ID uses a Qualified Electronic Certificate and is compatible with all Certification Authorities worldwide.

In one click you can get a customer or user and sign up an agreement with full legal validity.

“Any holder of a qualified electronic certificate is just at one click distance from becoming your customer”

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On-site verification

Using the eID dashboard your organization is able to extend a Registration Authority to the whole business ecosystem: commercial offices, one-stop shops, business partners, business centers, salespeople, etc .

The eID software easily integrates with your on-site channels including the benefits of certificate management and electronic signatures in the online world, streamlining processes and improving the customer service level .

Using eID Software alongside with your systems will allow the following:

Easily build a digital base of customers with the warranty and benefits provided by electronic certificates in the lifecycle of your customers.

Extend the benefits of the signature inside your ecosystem to your business partners on their offices, branches or business centers, by digitizing all processes with the highest level of security.

Increase customer loyalty by avoiding waste of time verifying their identity, making copies of identity documents and manually signing documents. eID streamlines all these processes, giving your organization the control of identity verification and transferring the rest of management tasks to the mobile device of your users, forever.

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