We’re pleased to announce our new product, SmileID. As you might have guessed, it’s an authentication service based on facial biometrics.

What makes SmileID different and unrivaled on the market?

  • It is the only product on the market that can register a person’s identity with complete trust because it is carried out during first contact with the customer with our patented VideoID technology.
  • It is the only product of its kind that is omnichannel. Biometrics on a device usually is on a cellphone so it can be lost and you can’t use it to authenticate in other channels, like face-to-face: business offices, ATMs, kiosks, or on a desktop in addition to your handheld device.

The entire process takes only a few seconds: proof of life is done, a video is recorded, and the artificial intelligence works in the background to ensure the trust.

SmileID: Use cases

There are a plethora of use cases but some examples include:

  • Payments
  • Access to banking queries
  • As a 2FA-Second Factor of Authentication in transactions
  • Access controls to buildings, events, etc.
  • Optimizing lines at banks
  • Opening your services to third parties, like by giving your customers seamless travel experiences if you sign deals with airlines for boarding, hotels for check-in, etc.


If you want to try the most advanced authentication system on the market, contact us!

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