What is VideoID?

VideoID is the first and only technology that combines streaming video with cutting edge artificial intelligence  to identify people in seconds from any device through any channel. It provides the same technical and legal security as face-to-face identification.

All you need is an electronic device with a camera and internet access. This technology is a digital identification game changer, offering the maximum KYC/AML legal guarantees and hints at the end of the mandatory in-person confirmation required today.

VideoID allows people to open a fully online bank account or purchase life insurance, meeting the strictest regulations in identification like the new European signature regulation –eIDAS– and the new money laundering regulations.

If you are interested in getting more information about eIDAS&AML5, click here and download the guide.

We developed this technology with the goal of it becoming a commonly used tool in industries that require more guarantees regarding people’s identities. We aim to finally put an end to lines and unnecessary trips to offices for paperwork that requires face-to-face confirmations in an array of industries.

It has an international patent and has been recognized globally. Gartner named us Cool Vendor for 2017 adding that we were creating a new category of internet services for video identification. RegTech100 named us one of the 100 most innovative RegTech companies in the world.

VideoID – Digital onboarding in seconds KYC/AML from Electronic IDentification on Vimeo.

Main Advantages

VideoID’s main advantages are that all it needs is a device connected to the internet that has a camera, since all it needs to work is a browser. In a matter of seconds, a person can easily be identified, saving time and unnecessary costs.

The results are staggering: the time-to-market shrinks from approximately three weeks to just three minutes and the user’s conversion ratio increases 60%. Business will finally stop having geographic barriers.

VideoID is also fully compliant with the strictest regulations like eIDAS and AML.

If you want to know how to change your time to market from 3 weeks to 3 minutes, you can download this guide about videoidentification processes.

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